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I am a mad-man, nothing more,
Who is too foolish to turn away.
Who dares to knock on the forbidden door,
Who doesn't understand why he decays.

A mad-man who does not understand
The grief the diesies brings.
Who grabs his untrusting loved ones hand,
Who answers when the Grimm Reaper rings.

No medications can cure the illness
Of those infected by the diesies.
For love brings no relief besides numbness
As it fullfils its deadly deeds.

Drowning, suffocating, undeniable death
Is what comes to those who are ill.
Who curse their foolish desires to love
Who try to reclimb but fall to Life's Hill.

I pity thee who falls so easily
Under death's taunting spell.
So maybe I am a fool to love thee so openly,
But I do so anyways, even if it means my


Its my birthday! Yeah! Pretty decent poem, if you ask me. I was partly inspired by Shakesphere( I don't know how to spell his name) by his poems 'Come away, Come away, death' from a Twelves Night and one of his other sonnets. It's about a man, speaking about love, how it is not a great thing but an illness that sways you under her spell and then overtakes you, uses you, then kills you. The man speaks of the effects of love and how he hates it, but in the end he is the real mad-man, who himself was unable to deny love's steady spell.
Pietroschek Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
My apologies, I do not know the word "diesies" at first glimpse I thought you had just misspelled "disease"? Well, I need a better online-dictionary as it seems.
GABanks118 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Writer
This is a very well crafted poem. Personally, I think it has a bit more in common with Poe, what with the darker tone.
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